Simon Clendon

Simon is a seasoned IT practitioner with deep experience on the Microsoft toolset and a number of business verticals.

Simon is a specialist Integration and SaaS Solution consultant leading projects that have focused on all tiers of the Microsoft SaaS stack from large SQL Server database arrays, up through the .Net tier to the BizTalk integration layer, and out to the Web UI tier.

Simon has led many integration projects predominately using BizTalk Server to connect globally with a range of end points from small specialist trading houses through to very large fortune 500 companies across a comprehensive range of different protocols and formats.
With integration destinations scattered worldwide Simon’s role has been not only to execute the technical integration, but to also liaise with all the clients and vendors across different time zones and locations to undertake analysis & design, co-ordinate development and ensure deadlines and budgets are met.

Simon has considerable experience working with industry standard messaging formats (e.g. FpML and SWIFT), as well as a range of bespoke client and vendor formats. Simon is equally at home undertaking SQL Server, .Net, BizTalk and Web projects. Simon also has considerable experience with many different business verticals including finance, supply chain management, and fast moving consumer goods.

Simon is a consummate professional and always delivers to the very high standards that are a hallmark of Adaptiv Integration.