Cloud Integration

Integrate your cloud based, on-premises and hybrid systems

More and more clients are seeing the advantages of the cloud, through use of cloud based systems (SaaS), hosting systems on cloud bases Infrastructure (IaaS), or Integration platforms on the cloud (IPaaS). However moving to the cloud is a big step for enterprises who have significant investments in legacy systems, or concerns around loss of connectivity. This means on-premises solutions will be a reality for a long time to come, and many clients have a hybrid on and off premise architecture.

Adaptiv can Integrate your applications, using Microsoft BizTalk or Mulesoft CloudHub solutions, regardless of whether they are on or off premise.

Many enterprises are also using the cloud to take advantage of the benefits offered by API’s. Adaptiv can build API’s to make your information available to other systems or people internally or externally to your business.


  • Integrate your on site applications via Azure BizTalk Services to offsite applications and business partners securely and efficiently
  • Integrate your Hybrid on-cloud and on-premise systems using Microsoft or Mulesoft technologies
  • Develop and manage API’s to present information safely and conveniently to other systems or people
Cloud Integration