Tarawera Ultra-Marathon

Tarawera Ultra-Marathon

Date of Event: 07 Feb 2015

Congratulations to Simon Clendon from Adaptiv for completing two Tarawera Ultra-Marathons back to back. 185km in 36 hours!

Congratulations to Simon Clendon for his efforts at the Tarawera Ultra-Marathon over the long weekend. Simon is one of Adaptiv’s most experienced Architect/Senior Developers and has a penchant for long distance running. Really long distance.

Not content with running the Tarawera ultra-marathon race once, Simon ran the course twice back-back. This involved starting the race at the finish line and running 100km to the start line, where he grabbed one hours sleep  before turning around and running another 85km back to the finish line.

Overall Simon covered 185km in 36 hours trail running, that’s the equivalent of around 4 and a half marathons – great effort!

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